The Climate & What To Wear In Bali

The Climate & What To Wear In Bali

Being only 8° below the equator, the climate in Bali is tropical. The maximum temperature remains fairly constant at 28°C (83°F) throughout the year in inland Bali, and a few degrees warmer nearer the coast. (So if you look at for a forecast for Bali, please be aware that the temperature at Klub Kokos is usually 3°C cooler.) Higher humidity throughout Bali makes it feel hotter, and visitors may require some time to acclimatise.

The rainy season stretches from November to March. Humidity tends to rise between breaks in the rain. April to July is the warmer dry season. After a short rainy season in July, August to October is a cooler dry season Then humidity builds again for the next rainy season.

Light casual wash ‘n’ wear clothing, preferably cotton, is best for visitors to Bali. Many people arrive with very little packed, as a new summer wardrobe can be purchased cheaply.

At beach resorts ‘anything goes’ with clothing, but in inland Bali a degree of respectability is expected. A woman will feel more comfortable if not too much leg is exposed and shoulders are covered when venturing out of Klub Kokos. Also, if you’re planning on doing some walking while you are here, a pair of walking shoes and a hat are recommended. And of course, don’t forget your sunscreen.

When entering temples, the custom is to wear a sarong and selendang (scarf) tied around the waist. These can usually be rented for a nominal fee at the entrance to temples. For local ceremonies, appropriate clothing for guests is provided by Klub Kokos.