Stay Healthy While In Bali

Stay Healthy While In Bali

In making any trip outside of one’s own country, extra precautions to maintain good health should be taken. This, of course, is especially true when heading for a developing country such as Indonesia. By being conscious of a few extra hygiene rules, unnecessary upsets in health should be avoided, enabling you to properly enjoy your holiday.

It may be handy to carry with you a few things such as antiseptic cream, cream to relieve itching from bites and stings, Band-Aids, and any other personal medication that you may feel necessary. Insect repellent is recommended, especially if outdoors from the late afternoon into the evening, when the odd mosquito is about. Your bungalow at Klub Kokos is screened with mosquito netting, so that as long as you close your door from the late afternoon your room is protected, making mosquito nets over the beds unnecessary. We also fit electric mosquito repellents in each bedroom, and have available burnable mosquito coils for your verandah if you wish to socialise into the evening.

Any medical supplies that you might bring with you would be a welcomed donation to our stock here at Klub Kokos on your departure if you don’t need to take it back home with you. We maintain a supply of emergency medicines & first aid materials for the local community, as the nearest government clinic is either in Ubud or 5km to the north in Keliki.

The Balinese – because of a plentiful supply of water – have traditionally bathed at least twice a day. This is a recommended procedure as well as washing face and hands before eating. At Klub Kokos we have hot and cold running water in all of the bathrooms. We also check that the staff keep the bathrooms free from fungal growth, and with the open-air effect you will hopefully find the bathrooms here much more appealing than in many hotels in Bali.

While you are staying at Klub Kokos you will probably eat most of your meals here. We keep a close check on hygiene standards and every care is taken in the preparation of food and drink here. We make our own ice with purified drinking water, so it is quite safe to drink. However, we cannot guarantee this at other eating places, so if you are susceptible to any stomach upsets, avoid drinking ice anywhere else. It is not recommended that one eats ‘anywhere’ in Bali, as the dreaded ‘Bali-belly’ is very easy to pick up, and some discretion is required on the part of tourists.