Tumpek Landep

Tumpek Landep

Today is a special day set aside on the Balinese calendar to give thanks to the creation of metal goods. Specific offerings are made in the home for kitchen implements, garden tools and metallic parts of machinery, vehicles, etc that they might have. Builders generally take a day’s rest today to make offerings for their work tools.

With these offerings special prayers are said to pray to God so that these material things continue to be strong and bring good fortune upon their owners.

Within the family temples where heirlooms such as krisses (wavy double-bladed daggers) and other weapons are kept, offerings are made to ensure the continued magical power of these implements.

The kris is considered a standard part of traditional Balinese dress. During a wedding ceremony the groom will wear one across his back if the family has one, and you can see them on most of the male characters in Balinese dances, operas and dramas.

This day of remembrance occurs once every 210 days on the Balinese calendar. The 210-day cycle for all ceremonies and days of remembrance means that there is no correlation with the Gregorian calendar that we use, but to determine any special days for the Balinese one needs to seek out the date on a Balinese Calendar.